What is the Institute for Data Engineering and Science?

The new Institute for Data Engineering and Science (IDEaS) provides a unified point to connect government, industry, and academia to advance foundational research, and accelerate the adoption of Big Data technology. IDEaS leverages expertise and resources from throughout Georgia Tech's colleges, research labs, and external partners, to define and pursue grand challenges in data science foundations and in data-driven discovery. We are also dedicated to educating students and those already in the workforce through innovative educational and training programs.

Featured Research Thrusts

Machine Learning

Unstructured and dynamic data analysis, deep learning, data mining &
interactive ML underpin big data foundations and applications.

High Performance Computing

High performance systems, middle- ware, algorithms, applications, software, & frameworks for data-driven computing.

Algorithms & Optimization

Streaming & sub linear algorithms, sampling & sketching techniques, high-dimensional analysis for big data analytics.

Health & Life Sciences

Driving predictive, preventive, & personalized care using big data sets from genomics, systems biology, proteomics, & health records.

Materials & Manufacturing

Microscopic views of materials and scalable modeling & simulation technologies for accelerated development of new materials.

Energy Infrastructure

Sensors and Internet of Things enable infrastructure monitoring. Data analytics improves energy production, transmission, distribution, & utilization.